乘着风,我走的比云更远 ,比山更高。Riding the wind, I go further than clouds, higher than mountains.

Partisanship, Propaganda, and Disinformation: Online Media and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election | Berkman Klein Center

In this study, we analyze both mainstream and social media coverage of the 2016 United States presidential election. We document that the majority of mainstream media coverage was negative for … Continue reading

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Examples of D3.js

The Big List of D3.js Examples via D3.js examples

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Information politics of the post-truth era

Digital media played a prominent role in the recent US presidential election, with social media platforms channelling previously fringe universes of political culture, rooted in populism and post-truth politics, right … Continue reading

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Vector Representations of Words

Vector Representations of Words In this tutorial we look at the word2vec model by Mikolov et al. This model is used for learning vector representations of words, called “word embeddings”. … Continue reading

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Active Sight: Vija Celmins and Jackson Pollock from Pictorialism to Perception – Image Journal

ON MAY 16 of this year, Night Sky #2 by Vija Celmins, on view at the 2008 Carnegie International at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art, was vandalized by one of … Continue reading

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Camera Restricta — Philipp Schmitt

Algorithms are already looking through the viewfinder alongside with you: they adjust settings, scan faces and take a photo when you smile. What if your grin wasn’t the only thing … Continue reading

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Mox Nox: The Cartoons of Joan Cornella | Graphics.com

From the publisher: “Spanish cartoonist Joan Cornellà’s viciously funny Mox Nox comic strips have struck such a nerve on social media that his Facebook page has garnered over one million … Continue reading

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No direct flight: new maps show the fragmented journeys of migrants and refugees to Europe

Politicians across Europe have talked about the arrival of refugees and migrants in 2015 and 2016 as if it were an unprecedented “event”, a single coherent flow of people “heading … Continue reading

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How Trump Pushed the Election Map to the Right – The New York Times

Donald J. Trump made good on his strategy of stoking the enthusiasm of white voters, as rural and small-town America endorsed him emphatically, helping to defeat Hillary Clinton and her … Continue reading

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Bird List Song – YouTube

There’s a list of bird singings that I need to learn! via Bird List Song – YouTube

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Whether You’re a Democrat or Republican, Your Social Media Is an Echo Chamber

When I see a liberal writer’s description of Donald Trump, or a conservative writer’s views of Hillary Clinton, I am embarrassed for them both. I wouldn’t let a 5-year-old child … Continue reading

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Barack Obama aces mock job interview with Stephen Colbert | Television & radio | The Guardian

President Barack Obama made a surprise appearance on last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert to undergo a mock job interview and urge millennials to vote in the upcoming election. … Continue reading

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Hover Camera is a safe and foldable drone that follows you

“Follow me” is an up-and-coming feature on consumer drones, and then you’ve also got those that are foldable for the sake of portability. Very few devices carry both advantages, but … Continue reading

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Building research plan

The thesis aims to explore an existing global political society and the dynamic process of its internal construction. Internet favors the political dimension of World-society. It is on the Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Yang Fudong – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yang Fudong (杨福东 born 1971 in Beijing)[1] Yang Fudong was born in Beijing, China, in 1971. He is considered one of China’s most well-known cinematographer and photographer. He is considered … Continue reading

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It’s Nice That | Guy Billout’s brilliantly ironic illustrations make the ordinary extraordinary

Guy Billout’s topsy-turvy illustrations subvert our perception of the world with clever twists and ironic flourishes. French-born Guy came to New York in 1969 and has worked as an illustrator … Continue reading

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Restaurants have a huge food waste problem; could an app help? | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

One third of all food produced for human consumption isn’t eaten, and the hospitality sector is an important contributor to food waste. The Winnow System “smart meter” aims to tackle … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and the politics of openness: Information, Communication & Society

In Wikipedia and the Politics of Openness, Nathaniel Tkacz unpacks why and how Wikipedia enjoys this particular exemplar status. It is this kind of talk that tells a great deal … Continue reading

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Like so many others, I thought the movie Mulholland Drive was an inspired work. The power of it does not just emanate from its eerie and mysterious atmosphere, its taste … Continue reading

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— Pokémon Go and the Need to Critically Consider Augmented Realities

Pokémon Go is currently taking the world by storm. The game uses smartphones to overlay the material world with digital elements, encouraging users to travel around to different places in … Continue reading

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Jonas Mekas, Walden, 1969 (excerpt) on Vimeo

“Since 1950 I have been keeping a film diary. I have been walking around with my Bolex and reacting to the immediate reality: situations, friends, New York, seasons of the … Continue reading

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A Mesmerizing Marathon of Robert Frank’s Movies – The New Yorker

“The life of Robert is an immense onion,” the filmmaker Laura Israel told me recently. “I kept finding things out. Most people, you reach a point, you have them. But … Continue reading

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Gravité – Flavine Berger

‘Oh, chérie tu sais, Oh, chérie tu sais, …’

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Monty Python – Silly job interview

Because it is on Friday, because it is on Monty Python.

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Rethinking public sphere – Nancy Fraser

Inspiration from Nancy Fraser’s idea of the contemporary public sphere: how to rethink digital space? Reading Rethinking the Public Sphere – Fraser

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Chris Burden, from shoot to kinetic metropolis

Chris Burden’s Metropolis II is an intense kinetic sculpture, modeled after a fast paced, frenetic modern city. Steel beams form an eclectic grid interwoven with an elaborate system of 18 … Continue reading

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Un palmier

Days of being wild, Wong Kar-wai, 1990 Moi, ‘Tu as grandi?’ Elle, ‘Parce que je porte des chaussures à talons hauts.’ Hardly had her voice faded away, the beginning of the … Continue reading

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When I am Pregnant, 1992, Anish Kapoor

When I am Pregnant, 1992, Anish Kapoor It is astonishing how Anish Kapoor manages to make the act of observation such an intense experience. Matter appears and disappears, and the … Continue reading

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Wikipedia traffic data and electoral prediction: towards theoretically informed models | EPJ Data Science | Full Text

This aim of this article is to explore the potential use of Wikipedia page view data for predicting electoral results. Responding to previous critiques of work using socially generated data … Continue reading

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Ben Tolman, Galaga, Fiction 2014

Ben Tolman, Galaga, Fiction 2014   Via Website

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Parlez-vous suisse romand? – Le Temps

Les helvétismes sont ces mots ou tournures d’expression ou qui n’existent qu’en Suisse – plusieurs centaines sont répertoriées – ou qui prennent un sens légèrement différent dans la Confédération de … Continue reading

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The Big Lebowski | Film | The Guardian

Like a teenager who discovers Che Guevara T-shirts, there is nothing original or particularly inspired about liking The Big Lebowski. So predictable, you’ll say. Dear God, it’s not even the … Continue reading

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Small World: An Academic Romance – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Small World uses the main characters (Professors Philip Swallow and Morris Zapp and their wives) from Changing Places and adds many new ones. It follows them around the international circuit … Continue reading

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The mood

‘Feel that that wind? feel that wind move? Yeah, that’s right! It blows everything all over the place!’ – The mood at the end of june

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New book: Weapons of Math Destruction: How big data increases inequality and threatens democracy

We live in the age of the algorithm. Increasingly, the decisions that affect our lives—where we go to school, whether we get a car loan, how much we pay for … Continue reading

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Nostalgia for the Light – review | Film | The Guardian

It isn’t simply that Patricio Guzmán’s Chilean documentary Nostalgia for the Light is moving: it has a tragic grandeur that really is very remarkable. It is deeply intelligent, intensely and … Continue reading

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Please Leave | Foreign Affairs

If Europe were a democracy, all of its citizens would have had a say in whether the United Kingdom leaves or remains in the European Union. After all, it is … Continue reading

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Film La Jetée, découvert à la nuit des images

La Jetée est un film français de science-fiction de Chris Marker, sorti en 1962 et d’une durée de 28 minutes. Ce film expérimental, considéré comme un chef-d’œuvre par nombre de … Continue reading

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EU referendum full results – find out how your area voted | Politics | The Guardian

Britain has voted by a substantial margin to leave the European Union. The picture that is emerging is of a heavily polarised country, with remain areas coming in more strongly … Continue reading

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How Britain Voted in the E.U. Referendum – The New York Times

Britons voted on Thursday to leave the European Union. The Leave side led with 17.4 million votes, or 52 percent, versus the Remain side’s 16.1 million, or 48 percent, with … Continue reading

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Loon for All – Project Loon – Google

Project Loon balloons float in the stratosphere, twice as high as airplanes and the weather. In the stratosphere, there are many layers of wind, and each layer of wind varies … Continue reading

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Jimmy Wales on the Lopsided Geography of Wikipedia – The Atlantic

Now imagine you can’t access Wikipedia. Or you can, but not in your native language. Or there are plenty of entries in your language, but few on the subjects that … Continue reading

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What Is ‘Brexit’? A Look at the Debate and Its Wider Meaning

A portmanteau of the words “Britain” and “exit,” it is the nickname for a British exit of the European Union after the June 23 referendum asking voters: “Should the United … Continue reading

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Fred Turner – From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism

Can this encyclopedia of countercultural romance have anything to do with today’s technological world, a world of broadband connections, TCP/IP protocol and the Internet? The Internet, after all, began during … Continue reading

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A world in motion

The photo of a galloping horse is taken by  Eadweard Muybridge in 1878 as the basis of the invention of movies.

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Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of hardware – Trailer

Premiering next week, Future Cities is part of a new flagship documentary strand from WIRED Video that explores the technologies, trends and ideas that are changing our world. The first … Continue reading

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正与反 (Positive is negative, vice-versa)

实验音乐的开始, 是夏日池塘的荷叶。 穿越云层的连续性将你看透, 重力一般的吸引。 数字节奏吹起的热风, 就算你死去, 也逃不过童年的记忆;   白色的芭蕾舞裙, 随着蒲公英的散落, ‘在泥土里’,青蛙说。 黄色的雨衣, 带着机器的偶然性, ‘颜色遍布世界各地’,Youtube说;   你面对着露天商品的吊牌, 开始断定世界都是一样的, 因为你被说服, René Magritte’s ‘Not to be reproduced’ (1937)的人像倒影是一样。 在日落黄昏的植物间, 你转了个身, 留下博尔格斯似的迹象:‘正是反,反是正’。   — … Continue reading

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Barack Obama slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon, slams Trump (VIDEO).

With eight months left in his presidency, Barack Obama returned to The Tonight Show last night to tout his accomplishments over the past 7½ years—in the form of, naturally, a … Continue reading

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Inventing the Internet (Janet Abbate)

Given the growing number of recent books that explore the Internet as a religious and spiritual terrain, such as Erik Davis’ Techgnosis, it should not be surprising that the rhetoric … Continue reading

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Review: Cosmopolitanism by Kwame Anthony Appiah | Books | The Guardian

Prehistoric hunter-gatherers encountered fewer people in a lifetime than we would on a single day walking down New York’s Fifth Avenue. Though their world of isolated clans shaped our natures, … Continue reading

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乘着风,我走的比云更远 ,比山更高。Riding the wind, I go further than clouds, higher than mountains.


乘着风,我走的比云更远 ,比山更高。Riding the wind, I go further than clouds, higher than mountains.