Data visualization in 2013

Visualization continues to mature and focus more on the data first than on novel designs and size. People improved on existing forms and got better at analysis. Readerships seemed to be more ready and eager to explore more data at a time. Fewer spam graphics landed in my inbox.

So all in all, 2013 was a pretty good year for data and visualization. Let\’s have a look back.

There were several themes throughout the year, but the most important was the strengthened connection between data and reality. During some phases, when so much news was based on speculation and opinion, data was a way to form our own opinions and to view a subject more objectively. But not in that cold, robotic sort of way and more in the warm, human-like way.

For example, not long after the shootings in Newtown, Periscopic shed light on U.S. gun deaths with an interactive animation. We saw plenty of charts that showed annual aggregates, but Periscopic brought the individual lives and what was lost back into the picture.

via FlowingData.

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